Why do we need oxygen concentrators

09 Dec 2022

From the perspective of human physiology, metabolism cannot be separated from oxygen. When human cells are deprived of oxygen, life-sustaining oxidation reactions cannot take place. This causes a series of physiological and metabolic disorders in the muscle. However, the healthy human body has less than 1.5 liters of oxygen reserves and needs to constantly obtain oxygen from the outside world. Oxygen concentrator can assist in obtaining oxygen and are popular among people.

At present, air pollution in large and medium-sized cities around the world is very serious, and there are nearly tens of millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases. They are suffering unimaginable pain, and the most effective way to relieve their pain is to breathe oxygen.

Why do we need oxygen concentrators

Secondly, with the gradual aging of society, the number of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is gradually increasing. Regular oxygen intake can reduce the frequency of the disease and plays an important role in the body's resistance to recovery. In addition, the number of expectant mothers worldwide is huge every year. In order to increase the maternal blood oxygen level and promote fetal development, daily intermittent oxygen intake is required after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Nowadays, almost all diseases are accompanied by oxygen deficiency. Oxygen concentrator is widely used in hospitals as a clinical aid and is an essential element in hospital emergency and treatment. Anesthesia machines, ventilators, wards, hyperbaric chambers, emergency rooms, and even general wards are likely to be using oxygen 24 hours a day to resuscitate or treat patients. This requires the central oxygen supply system to continuously supply medical oxygen with qualified pressure, flow and purity.

Why do we need oxygen concentrators

There are currently four main ways to centralize oxygen supply in hospitals.

1.Medical oxygen cylinders supply oxygen and deliver oxygen to each use unit of the hospital through the manifold group. As oxygen cylinders need to be purchased from oxygen stations, and high-pressure cylinders are more troublesome to transport, there are certain safety hazards. After the pressure drops to a certain value, the remaining gas cannot be used and more waste is generated. In terms of human operation, due to the need to constantly replace oxygen cylinders by the duty staff of the sink, it is easy to cause oxygen leakage due to irregularities in operation, which has now shown a trend of elimination.

2. Oxygen is supplied from a liquid oxygen reservoir and flows through a vaporizer to deliver oxygen to the hospital's various user units. The requirements of liquid oxygen storage tanks for the surrounding buildings are very strict. Therefore, the State Fire Administration has made strict requirements for the installation of liquid oxygen storage tanks.

3. Small chemical reaction oxygen concentrator for oxygen supply, a small amount of oxygen production, low oxygen flow, some people even feel the odor, once put into the oxygen concentrator, can not be terminated, the long-term use of high costs.

4.Using variable pressure adsorption, oxygen production equipment separates oxygen from the air to deliver oxygen to the hospital's various user units.

Why do we need oxygen concentrators

Variable pressure adsorption oxygen concentrator is the latest physical oxygen production equipment, a new generation of medical oxygen source, without any additives, just connect the power supply, oxygen will automatically flow out.

Since the last century, with the maturity of the variable pressure adsorption technology, compared to cylinder convergence centralized oxygen supply and liquid oxygen vaporization centralized oxygen supply. This oxygen concentrator supply method, which is economical, convenient, safe and reliable, is favored by hospitals immediately. Becoming the first choice of medium and large hospitals and being rapidly promoted.

At present, the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator adopts the single machine working mode, with a high degree of automation, which is suitable for families, health clinics and small hospitals.

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Originally published 09 Dec 2022, updated 09 Dec 2022.

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