Core Component

Oxygen Supply Machine

Oxygen Supply Machine

Preparation of ozone, ozone generator equipment

Supply oxygen for plants, animals and aquatic products. Enrich the microbial cultivation

Suitable for mining, high altitude areas and so on

Combustion for the energy conversion and waste treatment

Petroleum and chemical, glass production, papermaking,welding and cutting, kiln and various metal products, high temperature processing etc



Customized large displacement oil-free compressor

24h/7d continuous operation with strong power,stable medical oxygen concentration

Feature: lower consumption, low noise, high stability, strong heat dissipation, powerful

MIC Oxygen System

MIC Oxygen System

Wide application,beside traditional stationary oxygen concentrator,MOS can be used on Ozone generator,beauty device,industrial equipments and other devices or equipments

Automatic sieve bed filling equipment,ensure its precision

Cover product range 1L-10L,special modification is available on the basis of customers' requirements

Simple inner structure,ease for assembly and repair

Recommend to work with MIC's compressor to combine with MOS

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