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Environmental protection material: The filter element paper is made of environmental protection materials, and the whole is made of high-density fireproof fiber filter paper. It is non-flammable and has no irritating odor. It filters impurities in oxygen to ensure oxygen quality

Effectively extend the service life of the oxygen concentrator

Small and light, more convenient to carry, suitable for workers who replace accessories outdoors

How to use: Open the back cover, remove the old filter, insert the new filter, and then close the back cover

Nasal Oxygen Tube

Nasal Oxygen Tube

Available with different length to suit all patients’ requirement (Standard 2m length)

Available with various types of adult, pediatric, infant and neonate (Standard adult type)

The soft curved prong can offer the best possible comfort to patient

The flared type can slow down the flow of oxygen

Humidifier Bottle

Humidifier Bottle

Includes a pressure relief valve and downspout diffuser, ensuring a high flow delivery of 10 LPM

Adaptable – water bottle humidifier attaches easily to any oxygen concentrator

Maintains desired oxygen saturation – bubble humidifier from healthline trading is specifically made to deliver high oxygen flow rates via face mask

Soft-Start – water bottle humidifier is easy to use and clean

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