How to use the oxygen concentrator

14 Jan 2022

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the oxygen concentrator. Therefore, this tutorial on the use of the oxygen concentrator is for user reference.




Oxygen concentrator, Humidifier bottle, Oxygen tube, Nasal oxygen tube


1. The minimum and maximum water levels are marked on the humidification bottle. Filling with purified water below the warning level.

2. Connect with oxygen tube to the humidifier bottle and the oxygen concentrator.

3. Start the machine after connecting the power.

4. Adjust the required flow according to your own needs, 1-10L adjustable.

5. Secure the nasal tube to the user's head, stuffing nasal tube into user's nostrils. The other end is connected to the oxygen concentrator then can inhaled oxygen.

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Originally published 14 Jan 2022, updated 14 Jan 2022.

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