How to use the nebulizer mask of the oxygen concentrator

15 Jul 2022

Nebulizer is an optional function of the oxygen concentrator. It can be applied to a variety of symptoms, suitable for adults and children, and the treatment is more comprehensive.




Oxygen concentrator, Nebulizing mask


1. Connect the power supply and turn on the machine.

2. Unscrew the atomizing cup. Pour the doctor's atomizing liquid into the atomizing cup and cover it tightly.The appropriate dosage is about 2~6ml. (Less than 2ml -- no suction or atomization. Higher than 6ml -- it will cause the atomized part of liquid medicine to be covered by liquid medicine, and thus cannot be atomized)

3. Connect the atomizing bottle with the atomizing mask, connect the oxygen tube with the atomizing bottle, and connect the other end with the atomizer outlet.

4. Push the button to start the oxygen concentrator. Perform normal nebulization.

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Originally published 15 Jul 2022, updated 15 Jul 2022.

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