How to test the oxygen concentrator pressure

10 Jun 2022

The pressure of the 10L oxygen concentrator is usually 60-80 kpa. So how do we test the pressure on the oxygen concentrator?


Oxygen concentrator, Pressure gauge


Oxygen concentrator


1. Please use in safe voltage environment.

2. Confirm oxygen concentrator is in normal operation.

3. Connect the pressure gauge to the oxygen outlet and the screen of the pressure gauge will show the pressure of the oxygen concentrator.
If the oxygen concentrator displays an E-08 and an alarm, the reason is that the oxygen outlet is blocked due to connection to the pressure gauge. Remove the pressure gauge at the end of the test, and the oxygen concentrator will return to normal.

4. Return the oxygen concentrator back to normal.

5. Turn off the machine then remove the plug.


Originally published 10 Jun 2022, updated 10 Jun 2022.

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