How to solve oxygen concentrator flow meter nonreaction

27 May 2022

The oxygen concentrator in normal use, the flowmeter can be adjusted according to the minimum to the maximum value.
Normally, the reason of the oxygen concentrator flowmeter doesn't react is that it doesn't produce oxygen. When the oxygen concentrator flowmeter adjustment does not respond, the first time to check whether the oxygen outlet is blocked.


Oxygen concentrator


Oxygen concentrator


1. Operation ready in a safe environment.

2. Check whether there is reaction of flowmeter, there is no reaction of the flowmeter. Check whether the oxygen outlet is blocked.
If the oxygen concentrator is connected with other equipment, pay attention to whether the check valve between the two equipment is installed correctly. Otherwise, the oxygen outlet will be blocked.

3. Confirm that the oxygen output is not blocked, flowmeter can be adjusted normally.

4. Turn off the power switch of the machine.


Originally published 27 May 2022, updated 27 May 2022.

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