How to clean the oxygen concentrator

07 Jan 2022

Maintenance of the oxygen concentrator is of great help to extend the service life of the machine. Daily maintenance is mainly to clean the outside, humidifier bottle and filter cotton. It is recommended to clean at least twice a month.




Wet towel, Dry towel


1. Wipe the machine with a wet towel and a little detergent, then dry it with a dry towel.

2. Separate the humidifier bottle and put it in the detergent for 30 minutes, then dry it with a dry towel.

3. Remove the filter cotton on the back cover of the machine, wash with detergent and rinse thoroughly with water. When the filter cotton is completely dry, put it back in place for use.

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Originally published 07 Jan 2022, updated 07 Jan 2022.

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