How to choose the oxygen concentrator

04 Feb 2022

There are various of the oxygen concentrator on the market, most people have no idea how to choose it. The following is a brief introduction to the essential features of the oxygen concentrator, focus on these places when you choosing it.


Oxygen concentrator


Oxygen concentrator, Sound level meter, Ultrasonic oxygen detector


1. Determine if the shape is firm and smooth by touching the device.

2. The faster the rate, the better the performance of the oxygen concentrator.

3. Pay attention to the percent of oxygen purity. It is very high performance if the oxygen purity can up to 93%.

4. Listen carefully to the sound after turning it on the oxygen concentrator. The noise should not be greater than 80db, which will affects human sleep health.

5. An alarm system is of great important of oxygen concentrator, which determines the use of safety.

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Originally published 04 Feb 2022, updated 04 Feb 2022.

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