How to apply oxygen concentrator

29 Apr 2022

Air as a mixture has about 20% oxygen in it. Oxygen is widely used in metallurgy, mining, ozone, wastewater treatment, aerobic sports, outdoor sports, medical and home care, etc.

In the early stage of the development of oxygen production technology, due to the relatively large equipment volume of oxygen concentrator, the threshold for oxygen application was very high. But with the development of PSA oxygen production technology, it has become easy and convenient to obtain and use oxygen. Common application scenarios are as follows:

1. Metallurgy

In the iron and steel industry, oxygen or air added with oxygen is sent to the furnace through the blower, which can effectively improve steel output and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, oxygen causes the carbon to be converted into carbon dioxide, which helps reduce iron oxide to a purer iron compound.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

2. Mining & Beneficiation

The key performance indicators for the mining industry, especially the gold mining industry, are the extraction rate and productivity of the final product. Compressed air has traditionally been used to improve the extraction rate of mineral products, with limited oxidative effects due to only 21% oxygen in the air. Although these mines are located in remote areas with limited bulk material transportation conditions, more and more miners and mining companies are using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen concentrator technology for on-site oxygen supply due to its effectiveness and reliable performance.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

3. Ozone production

Ozone can be produced by silent discharge with dry oxygen and AC voltage of 5~25kv.

4. Wastewater and sewage treatment

Improve microbial activity through oxygenation, and use microorganisms to treat sewage and wastewater.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

5. Waste gas recovery and treatment

The waste gas recovery and decomposition device is equipped with an ozone decomposition catalyst, which is used to decompose and discharge oxygen from the tail gas of ozone oil and ozone water, so as to protect the safety of operators, and the cost is relatively low.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

6. Outdoor work and sports

Provide breathing; used in hypoxic or anaerobic environments (such as diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flight, medical rescue, etc.).

How to apply oxygen concentrator

7. Medical and Nursing

The hospital treats suffocated patients and endangered patients. Nursing homes use oxygen for nursing care, medical oxygen requirements for emergency vehicles and other scenarios.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

8. Aviation and aerospace

Mobile PSA oxygen refueling trailers and oxygen delivery trucks provide high-purity oxygen that can help relieve logistical and maintenance stress on military aircraft, making all refueling operations for any aircraft, including fighter jets, easier and faster.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

9. Chemical industry

Oxygen can be used to make chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, explosives, etc. Taking the production of synthetic ammonia as an example, oxygen can oxidize the feed gas, thereby increasing the production of ammonia fertilizer.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

10. Machinery Industry

Oxygen can be used as a combustion accelerant in combination with acetylene, propane and other combustible gases, which can generate temperatures above 3000 degrees to achieve the effect of welding and cutting metals.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

11. Aquaculture

By increasing the oxygen content in the fish pond, the fish can eat more and grow faster.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

12. Kiln supporting combustion

Oxygen-enriched combustion is often referred to as oxygen-enriched combustion. Oxygen-enriched combustion is a high-efficiency energy-saving combustion technology that uses oxygen-containing gas higher than the oxygen content of the air (20.947%). The energy-saving effect is remarkable, effectively prolonging the furnace life, improving the melting rate, shortening the heating time, and increasing the output; the defective rate is reduced and the finished product rate is increased. The environmental protection effect is outstanding.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

13. Metal welding and cutting

In welding, oxygen can make the fuel burn more fully and the temperature is higher, making the welding faster and better. In oxy-fuel cutting, the torch is used to heat the metal to its ignition temperature. The metal is then sprayed with a stream of oxygen, which burns it into metal oxides, which flow out of the kerf as slag.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

14. Fermentation process

In aerobic submerged culture, the supply of oxygen is always one of the important limiting factors for the success of fermentation. Increased ventilation efficiency reduces air usage and further reduces the chance of foam formation or bacterial contamination.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

15. Laboratory research

In the research on topics such as "oxygen bar", "increase oxygen inhalation, reduce postoperative infection and antiemetic", and "hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sudden deafness", it is inevitable to use oxygen, most of which are the use of small portable oxygen concentrator. The use of oxygen in scientific research experiments.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

16. Oxygen enrichment system

In high mountains, plateaus, and high-altitude low-oxygen environments, lack of oxygen can make the human body and brain unable to work properly. And the higher the altitude, the greater the damage to human physiology. Facts have proved that the oxygen-rich environment established in the anti-enclosure area of the plateau, room or building can quickly and effectively relieve fatigue, improve and enhance the working ability of the human body and brain. It has an important protective effect on people who migrate to the highlands, especially those who carry out construction work or military operations on the highlands, and has very convenient and reliable practical value.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

17. Military

In the case of unstable locations and harsh natural environments, the portable oxygen concentrator system can ensure the health of personnel and equipment.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

18. Waste burning

Waste incineration is the thermal oxidation treatment of combustible organic waste with oxygen at high temperature. Under the condition of complete combustion, the removal rate of organic matter can reach 99%.

How to apply oxygen concentrator

It can be seen from the above that the application of oxygen is very extensive. In the case of large and long-term oxygen demand, it is an ideal choice to obtain oxygen economically and conveniently by establishing your own oxygen concentrator or using an oxygen concentrator.

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Originally published 29 Apr 2022, updated 29 Apr 2022.

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