How to adjust the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator automatically

02 Sep 2022

When the elderly use an oxygen concentrator, if they inhale high concentration of oxygen-rich air for a long time, oxygen poisoning will easily occur.

When the elderly use a household oxygen concentrator, if they inhale high-concentration oxygen-enriched air for a long time, they are prone to oxygen poisoning. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you a multifunctional household oxygen concentrator that can automatically adjust the oxygen concentration.

As shown in the figure, the multifunctional household oxygen generator is equipped with an oxygen generator and a filter device inside, and an oxygen-enriched water container outside. The oxygen making device is molecular sieve oxygen making, one end passes through, the intake pipe is connected with the filter (a one-way intake valve is installed on the intake pipe), and the other end is connected with the filter device through the gas transmission pipe. The filter device is equipped with filtrate (hydrogen peroxide), a gas transmission pipe at one end is drilled with a number of ventilation holes, and an activated carbon adsorption plate is located above the ventilation holes. The outlet of the device is connected with an air outlet pipe, and the pipe is respectively provided with a pressure gauge, an air release valve, an oxygen detector and an air dilution air inlet pipe.

Inside of Oxygen Concentrator

1. Body

2. Oxygen generator

3. Filter device

4. Intake pipe

5. Filter

6. Air pipe

7. Ventilation hole

8. Adsorption plate

9. Outlet pipe

10. Pressure gauge

11. Air release valve

12. Oxygen detector

13. Spiral elbow

14. Air dilution intake pipe

15. Atomization port

16. Inhalation mask

17. Oxygen pipe interface group

18. Oxygen-enriched water container

The air dilution intake pipe is equipped with a one-way intake valve, the inlet end is connected to a filter, the outlet end of the air outlet pipe is connected to the input port of the oxygen pipe interface group, and the output port is connected to the inhalation mask through a spiral elbow. The inside of the inhalation mask is provided with an atomizing port and a mask switch. The other output port of the oxygen pipe interface group is connected with the oxygen-enriched water container, and a control valve is arranged on the output port.

The pressure gauge of the machine can detect the oxygen pressure, and the oxygen detector can detect the oxygen concentration. When the oxygen concentration is too high, open the one-way intake valve on the air dilution intake pipe to control the oxygen concentration between 22% and 35%. Because the machine adopts a molecular sieve oxygen generator, the oxygen production efficiency and oxygen purity are greatly improved. At the same time, a gas release valve is set on the gas outlet pipe to avoid the explosion caused by the high oxygen pressure. Open the output port of the oxygen pipe interface group connected with the oxygen-enriched water container, which can make oxygen-enriched water to ensure healthy drinking water, and can also be used to clean vegetables, fruits, etc.

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Originally published 02 Sep 2022, updated 02 Sep 2022.

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