What are the common failures of oxygen concentrators

27 Jan 2023

With the continuous development and progress of medical technology, oxygen concentrator have penetrated into all levels of society.To ensure the maximum functionality of the oxygen concentrator.The analysis and maintenance of common faults of oxygen generators need to be summarized in order to improve their usage.

Now on the oxygen concentrator common failures and maintenance management measures to analyze.

Common failure factors

Circuit Factors

Any medical equipment cannot be separated from the electrical circuit, and the circuit failure will cause the oxygen concentrator to lose control.In severe cases, this can even lead to the scrapping of the oxygen concentrator.Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of each circuit of the oxygen concentrator.Such as whether the AC power supply is abnormal.Any circuit failure can result in a failure to connect between power or signals.Short circuits, disconnections, signal instability and AC interference due to power and ground connections need to be investigated one by one by professional technicians.

What are the common failures of oxygen concentrators

Mechanical Failure

Deformation, fracture, breakage and other defects caused by the collision of machinery.It needs to be repaired by replacing the damaged parts or by readjusting them according to the technical requirements.

Mechanical connections fall off and loosen, such as nuts, screws and other components due to long-term use of the lack of maintenance and fall off.In this case, the area should be carefully inspected, especially the nuts and screws, to avoid damage to the parts due to dislodgement.

Blockage or jamming of mechanical rotating parts.The reason for this situation is that the equipment is out of service for a long time.A variety of debris and mechanical moisture and other causes of failure.The solution is to add lubricating oil to the relevant parts of the machinery, and at the same time do a series of work such as rust removal and debris removal.

Oxygen concentrator aging condition

Oxygen concentrator in daily use will inevitably have technical parameters on the variability.Core components can deteriorate, wear or deviate due to long-term use.If the replacement of such parts is not timely enough, it will lead to abnormalities in the entire mechanical part and the technical parameters of the whole machine, which will lead to failure.In addition, regular inspection of the oxygen concentrator but do not pay attention to the replacement of wearing parts or replacement is not timely also easy to make the oxygen concentrator failure.

What are the common failures of oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrator maintenance

Routine maintenance checks of oxygen concentrators are basic work.Daily meticulous maintenance and inspection can ensure the normal operation of the oxygen concentrator.It facilitates the early detection of oxygen machine abnormalities in order to make the use of oxygen equipment more standardized and standardized.

Oxygen production equipment must be kept away from flammable and explosive hazardous materials, no smoke and fire, no oil, no leakage, and develop emergency measures.In case of emergency, such as fire, explosion, etc., the main power supply should be cut off immediately and the oxygen valve should be closed in time.

Spare parts should be equipped with sufficient, including air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator filter, etc.If the oxygen concentrator is used for more than 1,000 h. A diaphragm assembly for a critical solenoid valve should be stocked for unexpected failures.


Medical oxygen generators are a very important component of the medical ambulance service and can be used to produce high purity oxygen.But because of its complex internal composition, involving more system devices, components, improper use and maintenance prone to a variety of failures.

Therefore, the need to do a good job of routine maintenance and maintenance of medical oxygen machine.Timely identification of potential hidden dangers and hazards, and adoption of scientific and reasonable methods to solve the malfunctions.And constantly establish and improve the relevant management system to truly ensure the stability, sustainability and safety of the medical oxygen concentrator work.

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Originally published 27 Jan 2023, updated 27 Jan 2023.

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