The use and maintenance of medical oxygen concentrators

30 Dec 2022

Medical oxygen concentrator production medical oxygen need to pass several modules. First through the air compressor system, the air storage tank with the oxygen production system, and finally through the oxygen storage tank.

It is important to understand the principle of medical oxygen concentrators and oxygen production process to better analyze its common failures. Now combine the operation principle of medical oxygen concentrator related system, analyze its common failures, and put forward several correct use and maintenance methods.

The use and maintenance of medical oxygen concentrators

Principle of Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Variable pressure adsorption technology is the key technology used in medical oxygen concentrators to produce oxygen from the air. There are molecular sieves filled in medical oxygen concentrators, usually the surface area of molecular sieves can reach 800 to 1000㎡/g. Adsorption of nitrogen in the air under pressure using molecular sieve logistics adsorption technology and analysis technology. And the oxygen that is not adsorbed will be concentrated and collected in it. The purification and processing function is then used to process the oxygen collected in the air into high-purity oxygen. The previously adsorbed nitrogen is re-emitted to the air under reduced pressure and can then be adsorbed again and used for oxygen production under pressure again.

Medical oxygen concentrators can perform cyclic oxygen production, The oxygen production process is a continuous, ever-changing process. Purification of compressed air can be done by air purification desiccant. Finally the air is allowed to enter the adsorption tower, by switching the valve. The molecular sieve adsorbs the nitrogen, and in the adsorption tower, the oxygen collects once again and is eventually pushed into the oxygen storage tank.

After removing the odor, dust and bacteria from the oxygen, we end up with highly concentrated and clean medical oxygen with a concentration of 96% . And the whole process of making oxygen does not involve chemical principles, therefore, there is no pollution to the environment.

The use and maintenance of medical oxygen concentrators

Common failures and maintenance methods of medical oxygen concentrators

Molecular sieve failure

Oxygen concentrators have a variety of moving parts, including diaphragms, various valves, spools, etc. The diaphragm will rupture and the top of the spool will be easily deformed, which will eventually make it difficult for the solenoid valve to close properly. The molecular sieve affects the resolution and adsorption of the molecular sieve, which in turn affects the operation of the entire oxygen concentrator.

The molecular sieve is a very important component and plays an important role in the whole oxygen production process. But it will be due to various reasons Oil or moisture problems can occur, which can lead to loss of normal function and shorten service life. Therefore, it is necessary to do the regular maintenance and replacement of molecular sieve.

Medical oxygen concentrator fails to start properly

If the outlet pressure of the air unit is higher than 0.5 MPa, the hand valve under the air can be opened to reduce the air pressure in the pipe.

Medical Optimal management of oxygen production equipment

In addition to the correct use of hospital oxygen concentrator, good maintenance and maintenance work, should also continue to optimize and improve the existing use of the system specifications, in order to make the use of oxygen concentrator more standardized and standard.

Revision of existing specifications for the use of oxygen concentrator, optimize the development of work systems and workflows by combining common failure problems and issues that often occur during use. Play the role of restraint and management and supervision, etc. Scientifically and reasonably divide the responsibilities of the staff of relevant departments and carry out daily supervision and assessment work.

Spare parts should be equipped with sufficient, including air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator filter, etc. If the oxygen concentrator host is used for more than 1000h, a set of diaphragm assembly of key solenoid valve should also be stocked to cope with sudden failure.

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Originally published 30 Dec 2022, updated 30 Dec 2022.

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