The benefits of pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrators for people

16 Dec 2022

Oxygen is an essential element of life for the human body. However, in some special circumstances it can lead to a lack of oxygen and threaten human health. Therefore, oxygen concentrator play an important role in our lives.

Due to the advantages of low energy consumption and no pollution, PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology has been widely used in small and medium-sized oxygen production equipment. At present, portable pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentration devices are often large in volume and weight, with a single mode of oxygen supply, which cannot meet the oxygen needs of different oxygen-deficient people.

The benefits of pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrators for people

Therefore, portable pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrators are important to improve the technology level in the field of micro oxygen concentration and to meet the oxygen supplementation requirements of oxygen-deficient people.

MICiTECH has established the process flow of oxygen production system based on the principle of oxygen production by pressure swing adsorption. Oxygen preparation is realized by using air as raw material. The control system of oxygen concentrator is designed with microcontroller as the control core. Including oxygen preparation system, power management system, pulse breathing oxygen supply system, air compressor control system, human-machine interaction system and alarm system, etc.

Greatly improve the continuous working ability and stability of the oxygen concentrator. In particular, the pulse oxygen supply system can detect the change of human respiratory pressure by micro-movement differential pressure switch according to the characteristics of flow and pressure change during human respiration, and control the opening and closing of solenoid valve by microcontroller. It realizes the pulse oxygen supply of portable oxygen concentrators, reduces energy consumption, saves oxygen consumption and improves oxygen production efficiency.

The benefits of pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrators for people

MICiTECH continues to make meticulous structural design of the oxygen concentrators, the internal space of the oxygen concentrator is continuously optimized, reducing the size of the oxygen concentrator and improving the portability of the oxygen concentrator. The structural hydrostatic analysis and optimization of the main units of the oxygen production system, such as the adsorption tower, the air compressor and the support, were carried out. By optimizing the design and performance analysis, the weight of the oxygen concentrator is reduced and the possibility of resonance damage of the printed circuit board is reduced. This ensures the reliability of the oxygen concentrator.

Developed portable oxygen concentrator according to oxygen production process, control system and structure design. It is mainly composed of inlet unit, air compressor unit, adsorption tower integration unit, oxygen supply unit and control system.

Based on the principle of variable pressure adsorption, the portable oxygen concentrator is light in weight, small in size, stable and reliable in operation, strong in portability, and has the function of continuous and pulse oxygen supply.

All the oxygen concentrators under MICiTECH brand are produced by the principle of pressure swing adsorption, which can be used for medical rescue, oxygen therapy and health care, plateau oxygen supplementation and vehicle oxygen supply, etc., with a broad application prospect.

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Originally published 16 Dec 2022, updated 16 Dec 2022.

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