How to maintain the oxygen concentrator

06 Jan 2023

The routine maintenance check of medical oxygen concentrator is the basic work of maintenance work. Prevent accidents and breakdowns in a timely and effective manner. This type of routine inspection and maintenance can be done by the equipment users. Daily meticulous maintenance and inspection can ensure the normal operation of the oxygen concentrator.

Medical oxygen concentrator malfunction and maintenance

Air Compressor Failure

The air compressor of the oxygen concentrator consists of 2 screw type air compressors. It is controlled by microcomputer, and the pressure is usually set at 6-8kg/c㎡. Because the operation and composition is more complex, it is also the part that is most prone to failure.

How to maintain the oxygen concentrator

Common faults and repair methods of air compressors are as follows.

1. The air compressor pressure value always fails to reach the upper limit value of 0.74MPa, and is always loaded, with a low air tank pressure. For this fault, first of all, check the oxygen concentrator, If the oxygen concentrator is turned off, the fault is eliminated and the air tank pressure rises, indicating that the compressor air is sufficient, then exclude the oxygen concentrator failure. Replace the air filter of the air inlet, and if the fault remains, exclude the fault of the filter.

2.Air compressor loading status, can be loaded to the upper limit, but the phenomenon of bleeding, For this problem, firstly check the solenoid valve. If there is air leakage from the bleeder valve, further check the internal seal. If there is damage to be promptly replaced by a new one. Although the fault is not very serious and will not affect the normal operation of the compressor. However, Longer loading times will further increase the overall losses in the air pressure system.

3.The air compressor temperature exceeds the standard limit, the temperature is higher than 90°C. For this fault, firstly check whether there is oil leakage from the compressor. Check whether the oil pipe is ruptured, if these problems occur, the oil pipe should be replaced in time. If these problems do not occur, check the oil line filter and oil cooler. In addition, if in summer, one side of the compressor door should be opened regularly, then the temperature will be reduced, which will help to extend the life of the oil pipe.

Suction regulator control good maintenance of the air compressor can further reduce the incidence of failure and extend the life of the equipment.

1.Regularly replace the air and oil filter elements.

2.Regularly check the pipeline and air line for obstruction and breakage, etc.

3.Regular inspection and replacement of solenoid valve components that are prone to aging.

4.Regular observation of abnormal concentrator operation.

How to maintain the oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrator failed to start regularly

If the central control panel is not reset, there are 3 ways to handle it. You can click the "Reset" button directly on the screen. If the problem is with the pressure sensor, you can simply replace it with a new one. In addition, the temperature is too high or too low may also cause the oxygen concentrator can not start the situation. The failure rate is higher if it works at temperatures below 0°C or above 40°C for a long time. The room temperature should be adjusted in time. If used in cold outdoor air should be good insulation measures. If the above reasons are excluded, then consider it as a battery problem. Switch the gas supply to the busbar, then test the main power supply.

Establish a sense of safety, must ensure that oxygen production equipment away from flammable and explosive and other dangerous items. No fireworks, no oil, no leaks, and develop emergency measures. In case of emergency, such as fire, explosion, etc., the total power supply should be cut off immediately, close the oxygen valve in time, and report to the superior immediately. In the event of a widespread, prolonged power outage, the oxygen sink should be turned on in a timely manner, and the backup unit should be switched to repair as much as possible.


Medical oxygen concentrator is a very important component of medical rescue work, can be used to produce high purity oxygen. Because of its complex internal composition, involving more system devices, components, improper use and maintenance prone to a variety of failures.

Therefore, the need to do a good job of routine maintenance and maintenance of medical oxygen concentrators. Timely identification of potential hazards and dangers, and the adoption of scientific and reasonable methods to solve the failure. And constantly establish and improve the relevant management system to truly ensure the stability, continuity and safety of the medical oxygen concentrator work.

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Originally published 06 Jan 2023, updated 06 Jan 2023.

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