Does medicare cover oxygen concentrators

19 Apr 2024

Understanding Medicare coverage is essential for individuals requiring medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators.

Does medicare cover oxygen concentrators

Medicare Part B Coverage

Medicare Part B covers medically necessary services and supplies, including durable medical equipment (DME) such as oxygen concentrators. To qualify for coverage, beneficiaries must meet specific eligibility criteria and comply with Medicare's requirements for oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Concentrators as Durable Medical Equipment

Oxygen concentrators are classified as durable medical equipment (DME) under Medicare guidelines. DME refers to equipment that serves a medical purpose, is prescribed by a healthcare provider, and can withstand repeated use. While oxygen concentrators are generally covered under Medicare Part B, coverage may be subject to certain limitations and requirements.

Medicare Guidelines for Oxygen Therapy

Medicare coverage for oxygen therapy, including oxygen concentrators, is contingent upon medical necessity. Beneficiaries must have a documented medical need for oxygen therapy, as determined by their healthcare provider. Additionally, a valid prescription is required for Medicare to cover the cost of an oxygen concentrator.

Does medicare cover oxygen concentrators

Coverage Options for Oxygen Concentrators

Medicare beneficiaries have options regarding coverage for oxygen concentrators, including whether to rent or purchase the equipment. Suppliers must be enrolled in Medicare and meet specific requirements to provide covered services. Beneficiaries may be responsible for co-payments and deductibles, depending on their Medicare plan.

Additional Coverage Considerations

In addition to Medicare Part B, beneficiaries may have access to supplemental insurance plans or Medicare Advantage plans that offer enhanced coverage for medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators. These plans may provide additional benefits and cost-sharing options, depending on the individual's needs and circumstances.

Appeals and Reimbursement

Beneficiaries who encounter coverage denials or face out-of-pocket expenses for oxygen concentrators have the right to appeal Medicare decisions. Through the appeals process, individuals can request reconsideration of coverage determinations and seek reimbursement for eligible expenses. Various resources are available to assist beneficiaries with navigating the appeals process and advocating for their rights.


In conclusion, Medicare coverage for oxygen concentrators is available under certain conditions and guidelines outlined by Medicare Part B. Understanding eligibility requirements, coverage options, and appeals processes is essential for beneficiaries seeking access to oxygen therapy equipment. By advocating for their needs and exploring available resources, beneficiaries can ensure they receive appropriate coverage and support for their healthcare needs.

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Originally published 19 Apr 2024, updated 19 Apr 2024.

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